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A strong team spirit 2017-09-13T08:23:49+00:00

We joined a team meeting of the North 1 children’s services team to get their thoughts on what it’s really like to work as a social worker for South Gloucestershire Council.

Fay: “The best thing about working here is the team ethos and the support available.

“Last Friday we had a crisis with one of our cases. Everyone has their own cases and priorities, but there is a great team identity where we support each other and so all pitched in to help resolve the immediate issues for the child.”

Ellie: “We’re also a very stable team. All of the team managers and seniors across the service are permanent, experienced and have been in post for some time, which means staff also tend to stick around, including a number of us, like Fay, who having joined as agency have switched to take up permanent positions with us.”

Ali: “It is a great environment for a newly qualified. Management is very committed to structured supervision with a mentor and manager providing support during your first year in employment. Looking ahead there is also good career progression with staff recognised for their efforts.”

Fay: “There are challenges, but I think the management team recognises these and are committed to doing all that can be done to ensure we can focus on the needs of the children and families we work with. This comes from the top, where the Head of Service knows everyone’s name and takes time to talk to us about the issues we face.”

Gemma: “Unlike at other authorities I’ve worked at, here we have a dedicated business support team and we’re very much looking forward to the introduction of new IT systems, which will start to be implemented shortly.”

Petros: “It’s a great place to work; the mixed geography of rural and Bristol fringe means there is variety to our work, but because it is a relatively small council, we get to know the key staff, the independent review officers and the schools and other partner organisations we work with. We’re a busy team, but at the same time, our caseloads are manageable and with the strong team ethos, we never feel like we’re on our own.”