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The Corporate Parenting service consists of four teams; Fostering, Adoption, Looked After Children and Transition to Independence. We look for different skills from social workers working in each team. Highlighted below are some of the typical requirements for each team:


As a fostering social worker, you will undertake the full range of fostering work. The social work post includes; preparing and assessing prospective foster carers and connected carers, providing ongoing supervision and support to foster carers, and identifying the best possible match for children and young people requiring foster placements.

A good networker, with the ability to motivate and develop individuals, you will have good communication skills. You will produce evidence-based reports using clear analysis.


As an adoption social worker, you will be responsible for the recruitment and assessment of prospective adopters and for providing support to approved adopters. The post encompasses all aspects of adoption including family finding, matching, and post adoption support. The Adoption team has a strong focus on permanence and has two childcare social worker posts whose remit is to ensure timely permanence for children with care plans.

As a childcare social worker within the adoption team, you will be responsible for all statutory requirements for looked after children. You will complete the child’s permanence report, life story book and later in life letter and undertake direct work to prepare the child for adoption. You will co-work children with a care plan of adoption with a locality social worker who will be responsible for completion of care proceedings.

Full case holding responsibility will transfer at the end of proceedings where you will be responsible for family finding, placing the child for adoption and all statutory requirements prior to an adoption order being made. A good networker, with the ability to motivate and develop individuals, you will have good communication skills. You will produce evidence-based reports using clear analysis.

Looked After Children (LAC)

The South Gloucestershire Looked After Children’s Team comprises of five social workers, one senior social worker, a team manager and two social work assistants. Our qualified social workers work closely alongside children and young people who are looked after by the local authority and advocate on their behalf. We strive to ensure that all young people meet their full potential and have opportunities to achieve their best.

The team work with children and young people who are aged 0-18 years, and work closely with our Transition to Independence Team to transfer case management at 18 years. As a case holding social worker you will be expected to travel, as some children and young people are placed out of the local area. The work will include completing regular visits and assessments, gaining the views and wishes of children and young people and incorporating their views into your daily work. You will also be working with children and young people who are in Private Fostering settings, placed with Kinship Carers and Unaccompanied Asylum Seekers.

Transition to Independence

Our qualified social workers and personal advisors are responsible for managing a caseload of young people who are moving to independence following being in care. We place a strong emphasis on continuity of care, and the post-holder will remain the case manager for the duration of the young person’s involvement with the service wherever practicable.

We’re looking for individuals who are skilled in assessment and planning, and are able to engage with a wide range of service providers, to ensure that young people’s needs are well met. The demands of the service requires our team to be flexible; able to respond to crises as and when they arise.

We place a strong emphasis on service user involvement, ensuring that the young person’s views are central to their own plan and to the service they receive.

The Transition to Independence social workers and personal advisors require substantial knowledge of issues relevant to young people, and the additional challenges experienced by young people leaving care.


Social workers must be able to drive and have access to a car.

If you are interested in pursuing a career within our Corporate Parenting service, please email us, confirming your area(s) of preferred practice.  We will be in touch with you to explore your options with South Gloucestershire Council.
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