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Banner image featuring social worker with a quote about working for South Gloucestershire Council 'We're encouraged to bring new skills, learning and experience into our work'
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Investing in our service

We’re a positive, proactive team, with supportive management who listen to ideas, and act on them – fast. 

Coming out of Covid, we’ve seen rapidly increasing demand to support children and families with ever more complex needs. We recognised the pressure this was placing on our frontline teams and to ensure we can deliver on our high ambitions for our children and young people, we’re making a significant investment in these areas, creating new roles and establishing additional teams.

We have big ambitions for our young people and we’re prioritising investment in the things which will allow our staff to make the biggest difference to families.

  • We’re significantly expanding our frontline teams. We’ve created new roles, which will allow us to consistently lower caseloads for our social workers, so they can deliver genuinely child-centred support.
  • We’re making it easier for staff to work flexibly, enabling them to work how and where they need to, to do their jobs as well as they can.
  • We’re strengthening our reward offer to recognise the fantastic job our staff do.
  • We’re adopting clinical supervision to support staff because we recognise that our work can be tough emotionally. It builds on our training offer, helping staff to develop critical thinking skills and support their work with families.
  • We’re building early intervention partnership capacity because we know we can achieve better results for families if we get multi-agency working right.
  • We’re increasing what we spend on evidence-based specialist expertise and capabilities, including specialist trauma support and an in-house psychologist to support families.
  • We’re introducing new initiatives like the Mockingbird extended family model in fostering, a Caring Dads scheme and a new approach to domestic abuse.
  • We’re enhancing an already exceptional training and development offer. A new systemic practice academy will drive our focus on relationship based social work.
  • Finally, it might be boring, but we’re investing in our systems and processes, because we want them to help us, rather than hold us back in our work.

It’s an ambitious programme of improvement, but we owe it to our young people and to our skilled, passionate and committed team to get it right. We welcome you to get in contact to find out how you can join us on this exciting journey to give our children and young people the absolute best start in life.

Our staff say...

I feel extremely fortunate to work for an organisation which cares deeply about staff wellbeing

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Being a relatively small authority, we have strong connections with services managers and heads of service.

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I’m always looking to stretch myself and I’d heard that if I wanted development and challenge, South Gloucestershire was the place to go.

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My manager has always helped me to find the time to continue my learning

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As a newly qualified I feel I’m trusted to take charge of my work, but at the same time am fully supported.

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I feel safe and reassured. My manager is knowledgeable and approachable, knows my cases and children and has my back.

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There’s a great team spirit, which I think is due in no small part to the relationships we have with our managers and service managers.

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I felt really supported from day one. There’s a great team spirit and a culture where our skills, experience and expertise are recognised.

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