Banner image featuring social worker with a quote about working for South Gloucestershire Council 'We're encouraged to bring new skills, learning and experience into our work'
Banner with social worker and quote about working for South Gloucestershire Council 'My career can progress in so many ways'
Banner with social worker providing quote about working for South Gloucestershire Council 'My manager recognises the work that I'm doing'
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We’re proud to be recognised for the opportunities we provide for career development, training and secondment.

Continuing Professional Development Offer

We passionately believe that investing in our people is key to helping them provide practice-led services that are focused on achieving the best outcomes for our most vulnerable residents.

We have summarised the continuing professional development resources and services that staff can access, a link to the full document can be found at CPD Offer

Linked Scale / Extended Grade Posts

As part of our commitment to retaining and developing our professionally qualified staff, we have developed a linked grade scheme to enable social care staff in children’s services to progress to Advanced grade without moving away from their existing area of work. ​

The Assessed and Supported Year in Employment (ASYE)

Social work is demanding. We know this, so we’ve made significant investments in a new Social Work Academy to help newly qualified social workers (NQSWs) develop the skills, knowledge and professional confidence needed to prepare for the demands of front line social work. You’ll have peer support and mentoring, structured learning linked to practice, protected caseloads, frequent supervision, action learning sets and protected study time.

  • A dedicated manager
  • A robust and relevant professional development programme
  • Small group learning with peers
  • Defined learning outcomes with plenty of support
  • Masterclasses with practice leaders.

Our ASYE Academy provides a six month virtual academy for six NQSWs at a time working with dedicated line managers in their social work teams. After six months training, you’ll join a permanent team with continued support through the programme.

After the academy

You’ll continue to be able to access support with regular reflective supervision, a protected caseload and 2 days per month for continuing professional development.

You can find more information here

Step Up To Social Work and Frontline

We actively support the Step Up To Social Work and Frontline programmes through our partnerships with local universities.

​Find out more about Step up to Social Work
Find out more about Frontline

Our staff say...

I feel extremely fortunate to work for an organisation which cares deeply about staff wellbeing

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Being a relatively small authority, we have strong connections with services managers and heads of service.

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I’m always looking to stretch myself and I’d heard that if I wanted development and challenge, South Gloucestershire was the place to go.

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My manager has always helped me to find the time to continue my learning

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As a newly qualified I feel I’m trusted to take charge of my work, but at the same time am fully supported.

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I feel safe and reassured. My manager is knowledgeable and approachable, knows my cases and children and has my back.

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There’s a great team spirit, which I think is due in no small part to the relationships we have with our managers and service managers.

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I felt really supported from day one. There’s a great team spirit and a culture where our skills, experience and expertise are recognised.

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